TOCKEM is a non-profit association of public interest which was created in 2001. Our mission consists in encouraging, supporting and carrying out the development initiatives of local communities.

Our activities are divided into several components: health, education, water and sanitation, the environment and inclusive tourism.

Our main objectives are:

  • Improve the sanitary conditions of the populations

  • Improve the study and learning conditions of children in school situations

  • Promote sustainable local development that primarily benefits the most vulnerable populations

  • Promote solidarity tourism as a tool for local development


  • Supporting communities in the design and implementation of a household waste management plan

  • Raising public awareness of waste management and environmental protection

  • Implementation of household waste pre-collection

  • Construction and rehabilitation of drinking water networks

  • Construction of water points (boreholes, wells, standpipes)

  • Construction and rehabilitation of latrines

  • Awareness of hygiene rules

  • Supporting communities in setting up the public drinking water service

  • Coordination of Health programs : integrated management of childhood illnesses, obstetric and neonatal care throughout the Ménoua department.

  • Training of health personnel and awareness of the population on breastfeeding

  • Creation of the Training Center for Children of Hope in Mbouda ( CFEEM in Mbouda)

  • Creation of the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture in Bafou (MJC)

  • Support for the Sainte Raïssa school: construction and equipment of classrooms, construction of a canteen and a sports ground, implementation of a sponsorship project

  • Support for middle and high schools in the Ménoua department (support for equipment, environmental clubs, awareness-raising actions, etc.)

  • Technical support for producers

  • Promotion of organic farming

  • Awareness of the benefits of social and solidarity enterprises

  • Encouraging the organization of producers in a cooperative

  • Strengthening the technical and management capacities of farmers' organizations

  • Promotion of local processing of perishable products by promoting the use of renewable energy sources


The TOCKEM and ELANS associations, within the framework of their North-South partnership, have created an integrated, fair and sustainable tourism center.
It is a question of using Tourism as a development tool in order to encourage economic activities and create jobs to limit the rural exodus.
10% of the revenue from tourist activity is invested in collective projects defined by the populations themselves.

Dr Pierre-Marie METANGMO President of TOCKEM

Le Dr Pierre-Marie Metangmo, Président de TOCKEM

Born on September 4, 1955 in Ntsingbeu, a small village in the Bafou group near the town of Dschang in western Cameroon, Dr. Metangmo is a Cameroonian expert who is very active on the international scene. He succeeded in perfect integration into modernity without ever breaking his ties with his village of which he has been the traditional chief since 1992 and his country where he is very actively committed to development and the fight against poverty. Doctor graduated from the Universities of Lille II and Paris VI in France, and from Emory University in Atlanta in the United States of America, academician and expert in community development, Dr. Metangmo has more than 35 years of experience as a public health professional, dean of faculty, expert-consultant and manager-evaluator of development programs in Africa, Latin America and Asia.


Ntsingbeu chiefdom
Tockem BP 62- Dschang


- Pierre-Marie METANGMO, President of TOCKEM


- Jérémy BOHEC, General Program Coordinator and Head of Water, Hygiene, Sanitation & Environment component

(+237) 657 155 123


- Jean-Marie TAMGUE, Head of the Education Component

( + 237) 694 852 689


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- Leaticia Namta Nanmetio, Head of Tourism TOCKEM

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- Patrick Momo, responsible for customer reception of TOCKEM Tourism

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