TOCKEM is a non-profit association of public interest which was created in 2001 and declared to the prefecture of Dschang by decree n ° 24 / RDA / F.34 / BAPP of 08 November 2001.

Our mission is to encourage, support and carry the development initiatives of local communities.

Our activities are divided into several components: health, water & sanitation, education, the environment and Solidarity Tourism

Our main objectives are:

  • Improve the sanitary conditions of the populations

  • Improve the study and learning conditions of children in school situations

  • Promote sustainable local development that primarily benefits the most vulnerable populations

  • Promote solidarity tourism as a tool for local development

TOCKEM is convinced of the importance of building partnerships with various different actors to ensure more relevance to their programs. For 20 years, ELANS has asserted itself as a privileged partner of TOCKEM. The joint efforts of the two associations enabled them to negotiate and obtain, in 2007, a partnership agreement signed with the Departmental Council of the Department of Northern France to support the development of the Department of Menoua in Cameroon.

Even before this agreement, and ELANS TOCKEM were already at the origin of the twinning-cooperation between Halluin in France and the Nkong Zem Cameroon. These two agreements are mutually reinforcing with ELANS as an interface in France and TOCKEM, program manager in Cameroon.

For an efficient implementation of its programs, TOCKEM also works in close collaboration with various institutions, such as the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Secondary Education, the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training. , the Ministry of Youth and the six town halls of the Menoua department.

Dr. Pierre-Marie METANGMO,

President of TOCKEM

"During my practice as an international consultant or expert in project development and management, I had the objective of proposing what appeared to me as a development model. A model that could take into account the cultures of all populations by including them in our practices. "



Jeremy BOHEC

Simon-Pierre DEMANOU

Component Coordinator
Water & Sanitation, Waste Management

Component Coordinator
Water & Sanitation, Waste Management

Celestine TSONFACK

Administrative manager

and Financial

Jean-Marie TAMGUE

Jean-Marie EWODO


Education Component Coordinator

Education Component Coordinator

Education Component Coordinator


Tourism Component Director

Patrick MOMO

Sponsorship project manager

National tourist guide

Fidélis NGU

Director of the Ste Raïssa School


Responsible for
waste collection

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