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The Village of NTSINGBEU

Ntsingbeu is a village of 3000 inhabitants, belonging to the big district Ntsingfou, big district of the grouping Bafou.


Bafou is one of the largest chiefdoms in the Bamiléké country covering 174 km² and having more than 80,000 inhabitants (with a population density very much higher than the national average: 200 inhabitants per km²).


The latter, with the Baleveng chiefdom, forms the commune of N'Kongzem (twinned with the municipality of Halluin, partner of ELANS). Located south of Bafou, Ntsingbeu is 11 km from Dschang, capital of the Ménoua department.


This village opens to the neighboring districts by roads and paths which were dug by the villagers. These are passable in any season, despite the bad weather

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